Finally You Can Truly Have
Private Conversations

Gain early access to the first fully anonymous messaging app!
Three Things You Need To Know!
True Anonymity
Your information is neither stored nor collected at any time (even we don't know who you are).
Ghost is not connected to your mobile number, which means you can use it from any phone just login.
Multiple Profiles
Create as many profiles as you'd like and use them on any of your conversations.
Start feeling secure about your data, Download now and receive your first year free!

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What kinds of conversations might you want to keep private? Let's say you're a...
  • Businessman
  • Entrepreneur
  • Crypto Broker
"In order to protect your privacy and deter potential threats, Ghost only sends anonymous messages. Everyone knows that unidentified messages are worthless."
Our CTO Moshe Amiel held senior positions as EVP in the Israeli technological & cyber arena in the ministry of defense and and the prime minister office of the Israeli government

Before you and all your information became the product.

Your conversations were private.

Clear intentions
We all know that if you're not paying for an application your data is the product. That is why we want to be clear that it is our intention to charging for Ghost in the future, but if you join now you'll receive your first year free!
Join the beta today & receive
one year free!
Can I delete images and videos from my chats?
Not only can you delete an image or video from your chat, but you can actually delete the image from all your chats simultaneously.
What is the most important rule of protecting anonymity?
Users of the "ghost" application should never reveal or provide any identifying information.
What is multi-profile?
Our technology allows users to create unlimited profiles under one account. The profiles are unique and independent of each other.
What does it mean to have a non-binding device?
Users can access and use their accounts, profiles, and data using any smart device, simply login.
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* Do you ever want a response by email? We don't want to collect any personal information that you don't want to give. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.